The Quest


THE QUEST: a project for people

dedicated to the 20-something adult on their journey


The Quest coaching project ran from 12/1/2018 to 1/31/2019

After a fruitful project coaching dozens of young adults, the quest is closed.

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Calling all 20 somethings! You’re 19-29. You crave more clarity, confidence, and purpose.

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You’ve at any point in your life felt: lost, uncertain, curious, in a transition, searching for your own path, or hoping to know more about yourself.

Surely, you’ve faced challenges and mingled with doubt, perhaps handling it in different ways — swiping right, telling netflix “yes! I’m still watching”, grinding at work, staying busy, numbing out. Anything sound familiar? You don’t have to face life alone.

You’re ready to try something different on your own journey!



I’m invested in offering this work in an accessible way.

Today, it means a gift of 30 coaching conversations for young adults.

Transformation in a single conversation.

I’ve spent the last decade on my own quest for my (quarter life) calling and searching for purposeful work. I’m passionate about offering coaching for young-adults to access their own innate wisdom and gifts. Ultimately, I’m hopeful that offering this gift will initiate conversations and small shifts for uplifting changes. I know what it’s like to want someone to speak to about this — not sure where to begin, to not have access to funds, to feel uncertain about what could help.



I’m Emily & I am committed to creating a more connected world and community, beginning with you- our rising generation and future.


I’m beyond excited to invite you to join The Quest with me.

I found a new path when my coaching journey began in my early twenties. I was burned out & unfulfilled from a high-paced, demanding tech job in the Silicon Valley. I enrolled in a program called Quarter Life Calling with Coby Kozlowski that changed the entire trajectory of my career, choices, and ultimately life.

Since then, I’ve left that unfulfilling career, become a certified coach, launched my business, and served as a coaching assistant for Coby’s coaching programs, including the QLC Program at Esalen & Kripalu which I highly recommend.

I’ve coached dozens of young adults on career, choices, relationships, boundaries, health, fear, identity, confidence, spirituality, clarity, purpose, and more. I spent a year coaching and facilitating a 50 fellow cohort in an experiential gap year program called Year On (formerly UnCollege). I’m truly passionate about working with 20-something humans on their journey.

Don’t hesitate! this will fill up.

be courageous and try something for yourself.

XO- Emily 

 Will you join The Quest?

30 time slots Open

there will not be a waitlist, you don’t want to miss this!

12/1 to 1/31/2019


What to Expect on the quest:

  • December 1st - January 31st

  • 30 coaching slots: this coaching project is first come, first served with no waitlist.

  • Your session will be 45-60 minutes and recorded for future access.

  • You’ll invest 1 hour of your time & willingness.

  • This coaching will challenge you. I’ll call you forth to get out of your own way and onto your own path, stretching your perspectives and comfortable norms.

  • Once you register for your time slot, I’ll email you details to prep for this transformative work & a short questionnaire so I can learn about you!