I'm Emily. Many call me an adamant optimist and possibility seeker.


I'm passionate about wildly supporting you to awaken to your life's purpose and come home to who you truly are inside. I believe in making a vibrant life by discovering joy, connection and meaning.



    The story behind "Empowered Living Movement:"



    As Emily Posselius, many of my friends call me EmPo, which is like the seed that bloomed into EmPo-wered Living. It's like the core of who I am is embedded in this movement towards consciousness, purposeful action, and a more connected community.


    I'm deeply curious, compassionate, and committed to integrity. 


    To me, life is not about living on auto-pilot, “perfectly”, or robotically. I'd historically spent years battling an inner-perfectionist, only to realize it doesn't have to be a battle. Life is about thriving with passion, curiosity, growth, and progress... not perfection.


    I chose to leave a successful career at Apple, making six figures a year in my early twenties.

    Why? In order to explore my own potential and take action with the big-scary, stretch dreams that dance with true JOY. Paving my own path has since brought unimaginable excitement, richness of experience, and deep fulfillment.  


    I believe in getting uncomfortable… and doing so regularly. Choosing a career pivot was one of my first “uncomfortable” moves, and brought me to face many limiting beliefs and fears that could have kept me in the safe & comfy zone. I realized no one was going to hand me my dreams on a platter, so I chose to explore my calling well beyond what felt comfortable. (It's been completely worth it!) 


    My sources of inspiration in nature include: the ocean and all her majesty, the cycles of the moon, all kinds of plants, flowers. I believe in offering credit to inspo and teachings, so check out my teachers and background below. 

    I believe love, freedom, and abundance are inside jobs— I hold my own lock and key, and so do you. 

    Souluna Certified Life Coach - Coby Kozlowski

    Yoga Mentorship - Stacie Overby

    Yogaworks - 200h YTT - Malachi Melville

    Yoga Alliance 200h - Registered Yoga Teacher

    Lahari - 300h YTT (in progress) - Coby Kozlowski

         - Karma Yoga Leadership Intensive
         - Leading Kripalu Vinyasa Yoga
         - Yoga Professional  - Katie Brauer

    Reiki Level 1 Certified - Jennifer Brinn

    Coaching Assistant: Quarter Life Calling, Finding your Calling in your 20's; Karma Yoga Leadership

    Souluna Life Coach Advisor


    I'm humbly grateful for the guidance and influence of my teachers on this path: 

    Coby Kozlowski

    Stacie Overby

    Katie Brauer

    Dana Regan

    Lorin Roche

    Malachi Melville

    Max Strom

    Annie Carpenter

    Janet Stone